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Month: January 2017

Louisiana State University AgCenter Seeks Field Crops Entomologist

Louisiana State University AgCenter is hiring a full-time 12 month, tenure-track Field Crops Entomologist position with a 70% extension and 30% research appointment. The successful candidate will be responsible for the development and implementation of pest management programs for insect pests of field crops in northeast Louisiana, including corn, cotton, soybean, and grain sorghum. The… Read more »

Greater New Orleans Pest Control Association’s 9th Annual Termite Academy, March 7-9, 2017

The 9th Annual Termite Academy will be held in New Orleans on March 7-9, 2017.  Held by the City of New Orleans and the Greater New Orleans Pest Control Association, the Academy will feature interactive and hands-on programs regarding termite identification, biology, and control methods. The Academy will cover a variety of topics, including wood destroying insects,… Read more »

University of Tennessee Seeks Assistant Professor / Extension Specialty Crops Plant Pathologist

The University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture has announced a position availability for a 12-month tenure-track, Assistant Professor (100% Extension) of Entomology and Plant Pathology, with particular emphasis on pathogens of non-ornamental specialty crops. Located at the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture in Knoxville, Tennessee, this position is expected to develop and deliver a… Read more »

Winter 2017 Utah Pest News Now Available

The latest quarterly issue of Utah Pests News has been released by the Utah Plant Pest Diagnostic Laboratory at Utah State University Extension.  This issue marks the ten year anniversary of the newsletter and includes the following articles: •         Ergot on Grasses and Small Grains •         European Cherry Fruit Fly:  A New Invasive Pest in… Read more »

Virginia Tech Seeks Two New Entomology Positions

Virginia Tech’s Department of Entomology has released a call for applications for two positions in its entomology department.  The first is a tenure-track position at the level of Assistant Professor in the area of vector-borne disease ecology starting in August 2017. The nine-month, 70% research and 30% teaching appointment will be based on the campus… Read more »

Upcoming Canadian Webinar Series on Spotted-wing Drosophila (Fruit Fly)

The appearance in Canada in 2009 of the Spotted-wing drosophila (SWD), Drosophila suzukii, has meant lost revenues for fruit growers and challenges for the crop specialists they rely on. Research activities underway provincially, at universities and within Agricultural and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) are helping to shed light on the behavior and biology of this pest… Read more »

New Webinar Series on Specialty Crop Pollination

The majority of U.S. specialty crop growers depend on bees for pollination of their crops. Growers know that without adequate pollination, they would not be profitable. But what are the best pollination strategies for fruit, vegetable, and nut crops? What farm management practices can growers use to support bees and the crop pollination they provide?… Read more »

Pesticide Risk Reduction Strategy Updates from AAFC Pest Management Centre

The Pest Management Centre (PMC) at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) has new information available online. Three Pesticide Risk Reduction Strategies from the Risk Reduction Program have been updated: •         Foliar insect pests of prairie field crops •         Integrated weed management in field vegetables •         Downy mildew in cucumber New information is also available about… Read more »

CA DPR’s 2017/2018 Pest Management Alliance Grant Solicitation Now Available

The California Department of Pesticide Regulation’s (DPR’s) 2017/2018 Pest Management Alliance Grant Solicitation is now available. A total of $400,000 is available for projects that focus on adoption of integrated pest management (IPM) practices in agricultural settings near schools. DPR will consider projects for terms of up to 33 months. If you are interested in… Read more »