Southern Region IPM Center March News Published

Southern Region IPM News posts a collection of headlines from news sources throughout the Southern Region. Some of the news provided may also be national, such as notices about upcoming EPA or NIFA webinars or national events that affect our region.

In the 03/22/2017 edition:
Variety screening identifies potatoes with resistance to zebra chip disease
Making Cover Crops Work in No-Till Vegetable Production
Wildlife Management Workshop in South Carolina
Scientific Advisory Panel Report for Glyphosate Available
Keep pesticide drift at bay
EPA Seeks Beta Testers for Pesticide Mobile Application for Pesticide Label Matching
Neonicotinoid Insecticides: Efficacy, Non-target Effects, and Best Management Practices
APHIS Posts Plant Health Trade Directors’ Area of Coverage
Growers must be careful when using new herbicide technologies
New spray guide helps watermelon producers with fungicide decisions

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