New on-Demand School Integrated Pest Management Videos Now Available

School may be out; however, your education never stops. Access EPA’s new on-demand webinar series about a variety of integrated pest management (IPM) topics. You can increase your knowledge about IPM before your students come back from summer break. Help make their environments (and yours) pest free using IPM strategies. Learn about pest management strategies you can implement now.

Let the Binge Watching Begin!

Webinar Topic
Yellow Jackets & Wasps             Watch On-Demand!
Bed Bugs                                    Watch On-Demand!
Weed Control                             Watch On-Demand!
Ticks                                           Watch On-Demand!
Rodents                                      Watch On-Demand!
Developing an IPM Plan             Watch On-Demand!
Bats                                            Watch On-Demand!
Mosquitos & Zika Virus               Watch On-Demand!
Lice                                             Watch On-Demand!