August Southern Region IPM News: A Publication of the Southern IPM Center

Southern Region IPM News posts a collection of headlines from news sources throughout the Southern Region. Some of the news provided here may also be national, such as notices about upcoming EPA or NIFA webinars or national events that affect this region.

In the 08/23/2017 edition:

Tribal Pesticide Program Council Meeting — October 3-4, 2017
Why did my fungicide fail?
APHIS Removes Mexican fruit fly (Anastrepha ludens) Quarantine in the Palmview Area of Hidalgo County, Texas
Specialists to talk about deer, wild pigs Aug. 29 in Marshall
USDA grant will help LSU scientists study deer and cattle diseases
Bayer joins forces with non-profit to fight citrus greening
Elemental sulfur linked to breathing problems
Texas feral hog workshop attracts a crowd
Sugarcane aphids spreading throughout the Texas Panhandle
Mississippi hosting emergency forum on red-banded stink bug