IPM News posts from news – IPM in the South for 12/06/2017

Southern Region IPM News
A publication of the Southern IPM Center

Southern Region IPM News posts a collection of headlines from news sources throughout the Southern Region. Some of the news provided here may also be national, such as notices about upcoming EPA or NIFA webinars or national events that affect this region.

In the 12/06/2017 edition:

APHIS Publishes Final Rule to Allow the Importation of Fresh Mango Fruit from Vietnam into the Continental United States
Consumers be aware of unsuspecting insects in Christmas trees
Study finds small bees carry pollen further than larger ones
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Water Reuse, Water Scarcity, and Drought Grants Progress Review Meeting & Webinar
2017 All Bugs Good and Bad Webinar Series: Don’t Let Bed Bugs Hamper Your Vacation Plans
APHIS Expands the Citrus Greening (Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus) Quarantined Area in California
ATTRA Tipsheet Can Help You Control Whiteflies
APHIS Posts New Weed Risk Assessments
Organic grain, soybean study establishes early production recommendations