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Month: June 2019

EPA to Change Pesticide Evaluation Criteria After Pressure from Organophosphate Manufacturers

After receiving pushback from the manufacturers of three organophosphate insecticides, the EPA is reevaluating its process for determining the risk level of pesticides, an approach established in 2015. ” Traditionally, the agency has used the maximum allowed usages stated on the pesticide label. Pesticide manufacturers claim that approach is overly conservative. The EPA now proposes… Read more »

June Issue of “The Central Issue” IPM Newsletter Released

The North Central IPM Center’s newsletter, “The Central Issue” went out to subscribers this week. Topics include sudden oak death reports in Kansas and Indiana, the Midwest Grows Green Lawns and Land Forum, working group updates, and more. Read the newsletter here.

Syngenta Introducing New Fungicide

Growers and retailers will have access to Syngenta’s newest fungicide seed treatment, Vayantis, for next year’s season. It can be used on corn, soybeans, canola, oilseed rape and cereals. Read more on Greenbook