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Month: August 2019

Circadian Rhythms of Plants Could Set the Time for Crop Spraying

Research published in the journal Nature Communications found that the death of plant tissue and slow-down in growth resulting from the herbicide glyphosate depends upon the time that the herbicide is applied and also the biological clock, or circadian rhythm, of the plant. Dr. Antony Dodd, senior lecturer in the School of Biological Sciences and… Read more »

IR-4 Program Moving to North Carolina

A federal research program that provides safe and effective pest management solutions to specialty crop producers will be moving from Rutger’s Agricultural Research Station in New Jersey to North Carolina State University. Read more on Fruit Grower News.

Western IPM Center August Newsletter Out

This edition contains discussion of how IPM is used to manage pests in Yellowstone National Park, a Q&A with new Center Director Amer Fayad, a guide to a new approach for IPM strategic planning and new publications by the other Regional IPM Centers. The newsletter also includes meeting listings, job postings, upcoming trainings and funding… Read more »