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Month: March 2020

Maryland to Phase Out Chlorpyrifos by End of 2021

On March 20th, the Maryland General Assembly decided on a partial ban on chlorpyrifos, mostly phasing it out in the state by the end of 2020, and entirely ending its use by 2021. Chlorpyrifos is a controversial, neurotoxic pesticide that has become the frequent target of legislation meant to protect children, consumers and farm workers…. Read more »

Lack of Data on Seed Treatment Usage Limits Ability to Understand Economic and Environmental Impacts

Seed treatments are widely used in corn, soybean and cotton, and to a lesser extent in wheat. However, there are a lack of accurate, publically available data on seed treatment usage, which makes it difficult for researchers, farmers and regulators to understand the usage, balance costs and benefits, and assess environmental impacts including adverse effects… Read more »

Cactus Moth Threatening Prickly Pear Cactus in Texas

The invasive Cactus moth, previously limited to Cuba, Florida and Louisiana has now become established and is spreading in Texas. The moth appears to have jumped over the Houston area into Brazoria County and is now established deep into the south of the state. The moth is feeding on prickly pear, a wild cactus consumed… Read more »