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Month: June 2020

United States and Brazil Lodge Protests with Thailand Over Insecticide Bans

Early this month, Thailand passed a ban on two pesticides, paraquat and chlorpyrifos. This triggered another regulation banning foodstuffs with trace amounts of either chemical. The United States and Brazil have now lodged separate protests with Thailand over this ban, describing the move as “restrictive” and “serious”, with the potential to damage key agricultural exports…. Read more »

New StopPests in Housing Resources for Residents

StopPests has created three resources to help share the IPM message with housing tenants. The guides use pictures to show common preventive strategies including what not to do, and what you should do to prevent and control pests. The English and Spanish translations for these guides can be downloaded here, then printed and shared: Resident’s… Read more »

Webinar: Good Bugs, Bad Bugs and the Truth about Asian Giant Hornets

Learn from entomologist Molly Keck about beneficial insects, harmful insects, and get the facts about the Asian Giant Hornet (AGH, also known as the Murder Hornet) currently being seen in Washington State. These hornets are native to temperate and tropical Eastern Asia and are 1.5-2″ long (world’s largest hornet) with black and dull yellow/orange striped abdomen, according… Read more »