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Month: June 2022

Pesticides Are Spreading Toxic ‘Forever Chemicals,’ Scientists Warn

Scientists have been raising growing concerns for decades over the use of toxic “forever chemicals,” so called because their strong molecular bonds can take hundreds of years to completely break down in the environment. Widely used in consumer products such as cookware and clothing, these substances are turning up everywhere from drinking water to our… Read more »

California Court Ruling Opens Door for Protection of Insects as Endangered Species

A California court has ruled that state legislation on endangered species can apply to invertebrates. The decision this week by the Third District Court of Appeal means insects, including four endangered native Californian bumblebee species and the monarch butterfly, will receive much-needed protection under the California Endangered Species Act. “We are celebrating today’s decision that insects and… Read more »

Glyphosate Weed Killer Damages Wild Bee Colonies, Study Reveals

The critical ability of wild bumblebees to keep their colonies at the right temperature is seriously damaged by the weed killer glyphosate, research has revealed. Glyphosate is the most widely used pesticide in history, intended to kill only plants. The harm to bumblebees – vital pollinators – was not identified in regulatory risk assessments, which… Read more »

Traps Deployed for Early Detection of Spotted Lanternfly

PORTLAND, N.Y. — During May, members of the Cornell Lake Erie Regional Grape Program set up 7 traps in the region to monitor for the presence of Spotted Lanternfly.  The New York State Integrated Pest Management program has provided both circle traps and sticky band traps to deploy in the area in an effort to… Read more »