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June 5, 2007

EPA’s Office of Pesticide Programs, the Office of Office of Radiation and Indoor Air, EPA Region 1 Indoor Air Program, and the Northeastern IPM Center co-sponsored a national dialogue on indoor air quality and integrated pest management (IPM).

Attendance was open to EPA employees and EPA national partners for IAQ and IPM programs.

EPA Potomac Yards Conference Center
One Potomac Yard
2777 S. Crystal Drive
Arlington, VA 22202

Participants were able to join in from remote locations via a teleconference number.

Openings remarks:  Elizabeth Cotsworth, Director Office of Radiation and Indoor Air Marty Monell, Deputy Director, Office of Pesticide Programs

Expert speakers (included below are PDF files of presentations, journal articles, case studies, brochures and related links)

Dr. John Spengler – Akira Yamaguchi Professor of Environmental Health and Human Habitation, in the Exposure, Epidemiology and Risk Program, Department of Environmental Health, at Harvard University’s School of Public Health

PDF presentation (44 pp, 1.72MB)

Related Journal Articles:

  • A Community-based Participatory Research Study of Multifaceted In-home Environmental Interventions for Pediatric Asthmatics in Public Housing (PDF, 13 pp, 212KB)
  • Pesticide Loadings of Select Organophosphate and Pyrethroid Pesticides in Urban Public Housing (PDF, 8 pp, 168KB)
  • Determinants of Allergen Concentrations in Apartments of Asthmatic Children Living in Public Housing (PDF, 13 pp, 235KB)
  • An Intervention to Reduce Residential Insecticide Exposure during Pregnancy among an Inner-City Cohort (PDF, 6 pp, 530KB)
  • Impact of Prenatal Chlorpyrifos Exposure on Neurodevelopment in the First 3 Years of Life Among Inner-City Children (PDF, 15 pp, 234KB)

Laurie Stillman – Director of Health Policy and Advocacy at The Medical Foundation in Boston and Executive Director of the Asthma Regional Council of New England (ARC)

PDF presentation (17 pp, 57KB)

Related Documents:

  • Investing in Best Practices for Asthma: A Business Case for Education and Environmental Interventions (PDF, 16 pp, 373KB)
  • Case Study:  Integrated Pest Management Pilot Project:  Boston Housing Authority’s Holgate Apartments (PDF, 14 pp, 73KB)

Dan Kass – Assistant Commissioner for the Bureau of Environmental Surveillance and Policy within the Division of Environmental Health Services at the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

PDF presentation (24 pp, 635KB)

Related Links:

Dr. Thomas Green – President of the IPM Institute of North America

PDF presentation (16 pp, 1.05MB)

Related Brochure:

Green Shield Certification Brochure (PDF, 2 pp, 311KB)

Dr. Robert Corrigan – President of RMC Pest Management Consulting

PDF presentation (23 pp, 1.94MB)

Draft Case Studies on Community-based IPM

EPA is in the process of developing a series of case studies on community-based IPM. These case studies are designed to convey details about:  1) costs and benefits of using an IPM approach; 2) challenges facing IPM program managers and how they can be addressed; and 3) models for successful programs. They welcome your comments on these draft case studies.

  1. Integrated Pest Management in Boston Public Housing: Partnerships, Programs, and Policy Advances (PDF, 8 pp, 106KB)
  2. Cincy Cockroach Reminds of Dangers of Poor Pest Control (PDF, 4 pp, 139KB)
  3. Rodents and Insects Reported in More Than 50% of Public Housing and Housing Choice Voucher Housing (PDF, 3 pp, 80KB)
  4. Can Resident Education Make a Difference in Pest Control for Public Housing? (PDF, 5 pp, 81KB)
  5. Environmental Health Watch’s Collaboration with Cuyahoga Housing Authority Demonstrates the … (PDF, 5 pp, 155KB)
  6. CHAMACOS: A Community-University Partnership (PDF, 5 pp, 240KB)
  7. All six case studies as one file (PDF, 34 pp, 813MB)