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A listing of groups that are currently working in conjunction with the NRCS to promote IPM. To add your group, please contact us.

Northeast Vegetable IPM Working Group

This group formed in December 2005 to meet with NRCS representatives to explore how the two groups can work together.  An outcome of the meeting was a commitment to construct a website to inform the public about current collaborative efforts between the groups.  This site, http://northeastipm.org/nrcs.cfm, offers a side-by-side comparison to visually show how close the NE IPM Center and the NRCS are working toward the same objectives.  The goals of both the NE IPM Center and the NRCS are to help land users pose the least possible risk to the environment through developing integrated resource management systems, which includes learning new technology, biology and environmental information.  Resources include how to practice pest management, articles and presentations on how to work with NRCS incentive programs, and successful NRCS/IPM partnership stories.


Hamerschlag, K. February 2007. NRDC Issue Paper. More Integrated Pest Management Please: How USDA Could Deliver Greater Environmental Benefits From Farm Bill Conservation Programs.

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