IPM Product and Service Recognition Programs and Information

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  1. Canada National IFP for Apples
  2. Central Coast Vineyard Team
  4. Consumers Union Guide to Environmental LabelsĀ 
  5. Food Alliance
  6. Food Alliance Midwest
  7. Forest Stewardship Council
  8. Green Shield Certified
  9. Hood River District Integrated Production Program
  10. International Organization for Bio-Control
  11. Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
  12. IPM and the Marketplace
  13. LIVE Program
  14. Mauna Kea Banana Company
  15. New England Pest Management Association IPM Registry
  16. New Jersey Guidelines for IPM Certification of Produce
  17. New York State Elements of IPM
  18. Northeast Eco Apple
  19. Ohio Crop Elements: Integrated Pest Management Program
  20. Protected Harvest
  21. Rainforest Alliance
  22. Safety Source for Pest Management
  23. Stemilt Responsible Choice
  24. SYSCO’s Sustainable/Integrated Pest Management Program
  25. University of Massachusetts IPM Guidelines
  26. US Green Building Council
  27. World Wildlife Fund Canada

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