Assistant Associate Specialist for Integrated Pest Management

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Position Overview:


The Assistant – Associate Specialist for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) will assist in all phases of applied arthropod pest management research and extension efforts in the northern San Joaquin Valley. The position will be headquartered at UCCE Stanislaus County, Modesto and be responsible for conducting IPM research and extension activities in three northern San Joaquin Valley counties. The candidate will also be involved in national and statewide projects for collaborative project activities.

The position will provide independent input to the research – designing and conducting applied entomology/pest management research in tree fruit and tree nut crops. The specific activities include creating protocols and insect and plant samplings, conducting the lab, semi-field, and field studies, designing studies to understand the biology and phenology of insect pests following specific study protocols. The Specialist will work primarily on projects focusing on major pests of tree fruit and nut crop systems. The targeted insect pests include Pacific flatheaded borer, stink bugs including the invasive brown marmorated stick bug, spotted wing drosophila, and navel orangeworm. The position will perform a leading role in pest management research activities of the IPM lab and lead technicians and seasonal student assistants. The Specialist will utilize expertise in research data collection and summarization and statistical analysis and will be actively involved in assisting the supervisor/PI in organizing extension and field meetings, conference calls, and other professional activities.

Reporting Relationship

The Specialist is administratively responsible to the Area IPM Advisor at UCCE Stanislaus.

Qualifications and Skills Required:

Required Qualifications 

  • A master’s degree or other advanced degrees in disciplines such as Entomology, Pest Management, Horticultural Science, or a closely related field is required by the appointment date;
  • The evidence of publishing scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals is required;
  • A valid California driver’s license is required.

Additional Qualifications

  • Must obtain a Qualified Pesticide Applicator Certificate (QAC) or License prior to applying or supervising the application of any pesticide.

Desired Qualifications 

  • Additional background or experiences in insect rearing and lab- and field-based pest management research in tree systems are preferred;
  • Some level of experience in working with invasive and other important insect pests of recent concerns in tree systems (pests listed above) is desirable;
  • Experience in handling organic and conventional pesticides for research use is desirable;
  • Experiences in report writing, public speaking, and extension are preferred;
  • The ability to build partnerships and to work with multidisciplinary teams is desirable.

Skills Required 

To be successful, Assistant-Associate Specialists’ require skills in the following:

  • Technical Competence and Impact
    • Specialists are expected to use their professional expertise to make scientific and scholarly contributions to the research enterprise of the University and to achieve recognition in the professional and scientific community. This will include presenting research results at professional meetings and publishing manuscripts of research results in peer-reviewed journals.
  • Communication
    • Demonstrated excellence in written, oral, interpersonal and public speaking communication skills.
    • Skills to communicate and extend technical information to diverse audiences are required.
    • Participation in professional societies and conferences and the ability to give presentations at seminars and continuing education functions.
  • Collaboration, Teamwork and Flexibility
    • Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively as a team member with others.
    • Able to adapt as circumstances warranted. Promote diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • Lifelong Learning
    • Demonstrated commitment to ongoing self-improvement – both professionally and as a person.

Salary & Benefits 


The salary will be in the Assistant or Associate Specialist Rank, $54,900-$65,200 annually.   For information regarding the Assistant Specialist series salary scales, please refer to

This is a represented position.

The Assistant-Associate Specialist position is a non-career track position.  The position is a one-year term appointment with a merit cycle every two years.  The performance in the position will be evaluated annually.  The position will be extended based on performance and availability of funding.


The University of California offers comprehensive benefits including health insurance, retirement plans, two days per month paid vacation, one day per month paid sick leave, and approximately thirteen paid holidays per year. For more information, refer to the UC Benefits website at:

How to Apply

If interested in this position, please visit: and choose “applicants” (refer to position #22-52)

Closing Date: To assure full consideration, application packets must be received by May 25, 2022

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