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Job Details:

The Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Institute of North America seeks an evaluator to audit Green Shield Certified® pest control companies. If you are familiar with regulations and policies impacting pest management and are able to identify common structural pest problems, we’d love to hear from you. Your role will allow you to visit Green Shield Certified® pest control companies on the west coast. Your on-boarding experience includes one-on-one training with Dr. Thomas Green, a world-renown entomologist, IPM expert and co-founder and former president of the IPM Institute. Further, your audits and reporting will be supported by the dedicated staff of our community IPM team at our headquarters in Madison, WI. This is a contracted opportunity that will require approximately 8-16 hours per month. Full COVID-19 vaccination required.

Job Responsibilities:

The role is responsible for evaluating Green Shield Certified® pest control companies to ensure they are conformant with Green Shield Certified® standards.

Required Skills:

  1. Familiar with regulations and policies impacting pest management and with sources of information for state regulations.
  2. Able to identify and diagnose common structural pest problems including ants, mice, cockroaches, carpenter ants, termites, stinging insects.
  3. Understand IPM methods and tools for inspection, monitoring, sanitation and exclusion.
  4. Familiar with common pest-conducive conditions and non-chemical approaches to resolving deficiencies in pest vulnerable areas including food storage, preparation and serving areas; staff lounges; laundry facilities; mechanical rooms; custodial supply closets; entryways; trash handling facilities; foundations; etc.
  5. Familiar with common structural deficiencies that create pest-conducive conditions and post-construction remedies.
  6. Familiar with criteria for and information sources on least-risk pesticide options for structural pests including acute and chronic human health hazards and environmental hazards.
  7. Able to evaluate pesticide products for efficacy for specific pest problems.
  8. Understand the process of adopting changes in behavior.
  9. Persuade people to bring about positive change in behavior.
  10. Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

Required Experience:

  1. At least five years’ experience in practicing IPM for structural pest management, and
  2. At least two years’ experience overseeing pest management technicians using IPM approaches, or
  3. At least two years’ experience working as an IPM instructor/trainer for pest management.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in entomology, biology, natural resources, wildlife ecology or related field.
  2. Four years of full-time experience managing technicians or instructing in IPM for structural pest management may be comparable experience in lieu of a bachelor’s degree.


This is a contracted (Form 1099) role which pays $500 per evaluation (~8 hours)

About the IPM Institute of North America

The IPM Institute of North America is an independent non-profit formed in 1998 to improve sustainability in agriculture and communities. We have over 20 years of experience in integrated pest management (IPM) and reducing pesticide use and risks. Our work includes a range of projects to increase practices that improve working conditions, reduce greenhouse gases, improve air quality, water quality and soil health and reduce risks to health and the environment from pesticide and nutrient use in agriculture and communities.

About Green Shield Certified

Green Shield Certified is one of many community IPM initiatives within the IPM Institute of North America. Green Shield Certified is an independent, non-profit certification program that promotes practitioners of effective, prevention-based pest control while minimizing the need to use pesticides. Green Shield Certified works worldwide to certify pest management professionals, facilities and programs. Green Shield Certified has certified a total of 49 pest management professionals, five facilities and three programs. There are currently 28 certified pest management professionals, one facility and one program, with a total of 19 located in New York.

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