M.S. Plant Pathology, Graduate Research Associateship

The Ohio State University-Wooster Campus, Dept. Plant Pathology

Anticipated Start Date: Spring 2019

We seek a motivated Master’s student to pursue an applied-research project that evaluates the impact
of intelligent sprayer technology on the efficacy of pest management in apples and grapes.

Project Information: Diseases and insect pests are a major limiting factor to fruit tree and small fruit
production in the eastern United States. To control these pests, fruit growers use an intensive spray
program that requires eight to sixteen pesticide applications per season. Currently, the majority of
commercial apple and grape growers in the region use air-blast sprayers to apply pesticides, which
results in airborne drift, and the exposure of workers and the environment to drifting contaminants.
Intelligent sprayer technology offers the first major innovation in fruit production since the air-blast
sprayer. Intelligent sprayer technology has the potential to reduce the amount of pesticide used per
spray by 50% or more by using sensors to maximize canopy coverage and minimize spray drift. Key
objectives of this research project are to evaluate the efficacy of intelligent sprayer technology in
managing common diseases and insect pests of apple and grape. The ultimate goal of this project is to
increase the efficiency and sustainability of pest management in fruit production.

Desired qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in biology, plant pathology, entomology or a related discipline.
Applicants with strong communication skills and experience conducting hands-on field work or research
are encouraged to apply. Experience driving tractors is desired but not required.

This position is in the Department of Plant Pathology-Wooster Campus and the Graduate Research
Associate will be co-advised by Dr. Elizabeth Long, Assistant Professor, Department of Entomology-
Wooster Campus.

For more information about the M. S. Plant Pathology Graduate Program application
requirements and procedures, visit plantpath.osu.edu/gradapply.

Dr. Melanie Lewis Ivey
Assistant Professor, Fruit Pathology
Department of Plant Pathology

Dr. Elizabeth Long
Assistant Professor
Department of Entomology

To apply for this job please visit plantpath.osu.edu.