Regional Entomologist

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JOB TITLE: Regional Entomologist

JOB STATUS: 100% Full-Time, Immediate Start

JOB PERIOD: 1 October 2017 to 30 June 2018 with the possibility of extension

EXEMPTION: Non-Exempt / Temporary Consultant


SUMMARY OF DUTIES: Experienced and qualified professional sought by the Pacific Island Health Officers Association (PIHOA) to build regional capacity in mosquito surveillance and control to limit spread of arboviruses in the U.S.-affiliated Pacific Islands (USAPIs) through: 1) building on the existing entomologic knowledge of vector mosquitoes in the USAPIs; 2) establishing/enhancing routine vector surveillance in Guam and selected jurisdictions of the U.S.-affiliated Pacific Islands (USAPIs), including the reporting into the appropriate information systems/databases; 3) establishing plans for enhanced vector surveillance in Guam and selected jurisdictions of the USAPIs; 4) supporting the development of the Guam Environmental Health Mosquito Laboratory as a regional resource through technical assistance and training; 5) refining and implementing regional strategies for vector surveillance and control; 6) establishing systems/mechanisms to leverage regional resources (i.e. the Guam Environmental Health Mosquito Lab and the Northern Pacific Environmental Health Association (NPEHA) to enable successful mosquito surveillance systems in selected jurisdictions; 7) providing technical assistance to further refine existing vector control strategies for the islands tailored for the unique settings of each jurisdiction, including the development of response plans if new introductions of mosquitoes of public health importance are identified, or when a new pathogens are introduced to existing local vectors as in the case of repeated introductions of DENV; and, when appropriate, 8) providing emergency medical entomology support if/when an arboviral outbreak is identified.

Consultancy tasks are to be planned and conducted in consultation with relevant assigned PIHOA technical staff, Guam Department of Public Health Division of Environmental Health staff, and local Environmental Health program staff in participating jurisdictions, and members of the Northern Pacific Environmental Health Association (NPEHA). The position shall be under the overall supervision of the PIHOA Executive Director. Additional technical advisory support shall be provided by US CDC’s Regional Career Epidemiology Field Officer (CEFO), co-located at the PIHOA Guam Office. Position will be housed at the Guam Division of Environmental Health Mosquito Laboratory in Dededo, with occasional visits to the PIHOA Guam Office in Hagatna, as required.

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