About IPM Star

Integrated Pest Management is an approach to reducing pest and pesticide risks including:

  • An understanding of pest biology and ecology;
  • Effective monitoring and inspection to detect pest problems and correct inadequate conditions;
  • Action to control pest problems only when necessary;
  • Choosing effective options with the least-risk to health and the environment; and
  • Use of long-term, preventative solutions to prevent and avoid pest problems.

The IPM Star Certification Program recognizes and rewards IPM practitioners who meet a high standard for IPM in schools, childcare centers and school-age programs. The program provides incentives for everyone to reduce pest and pesticide risks to health and the environment.

IPM improves pest management results and reduces liability and risks from both pests and pesticides. IPM STAR certification is a voluntary step that clearly establishes your IPM competence in a way that is readily recognized by others both in and outside of your community.

By working towards and achieving IPM Certification, you and your organization will:

  • Establish a formal schedule for IPM evaluation, planning and training;
  • Receive regular feedback on your IPM program from an IPM professional;
  • Build a professional image and create goodwill;
  • Create an ongoing focus on pest and pesticide risk reduction, ensuring that you and/or your organization continues to meet the highest standards for effective, reduced-risk pest management; and
  • Access professionally prepared materials to communicate your accomplishment.

For more information on how the IPM STAR certification process works, please visit our program mechanics page.

IPM Certification for Structural Pest Control Services and Facilities

The sister program of IPM STAR is Green Shield Certified, a certification that uses similar high standards to evaluate and certified structural pest control service providers and facilities other than schools.

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