IPM Star

Spring Independent School District

Houston, TX

IPM STAR Certified 2011-2013

October 7, 2011

Spring Independent School District has earned IPM STAR certification after passing a rigorous, 37-point inspection. IPM STAR evaluates school systems and childcare centers for Integrated Pest Management, or IPM – a common sense approach to solving pest problems with a minimum amount of pesticide use.

Spring ISD’s IPM program began in 1995, with C.G. Cezeaux named as the IPM coordinator shortly after the program was instituted. Prior to IPM, the district was in reactive mode when it came to dealing with pest issues. Now a proactive approach is employed that relies on sanitation, exclusion and monitoring as the first line of defense.

As per the State of Texas product classification system for pesticide products, Spring ISD places the products they use into three categories, Red, Yellow and Green. Red includes the most toxic products and Green the least. Before the IPM program was in place, Spring ISD used approximately 45% Green, 35% Yellow and 20% Red products. Since the beginning of the 2011-2012 school year Spring ISD uses only Green products!

The IPM team consists of C.G. Cezeaux, David Henderson and Hoa Phan. The district’s certified applicator, David Henderson, has over 25 years in the pest management industry which has included schools, food processing and food storage facilities. C.G. reports, “we’re looking for a non-chemical solution first because that’s what we want for the long term.”

Mr. Hoa Phan was transferred from 10 years of custodial work in the district to the IPM department where he has had extensive training and helped to make the IPM program what it is today. C.G credits the IPM team for their excellent track record. “We’re fortunate we have David and Hoa who do a great job focusing on fixing the problems that can lead to a pest issue.” To reinforce their commitment to using least-toxic products, David and Hoa wear green work shirts.

IPM STAR Certification is presented by the IPM Institute of North America in partnership with the US Environmental Protection Agency Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program. The program has been introduced to Texas schools with the support and assistance of the Southwest Technical Resource Center and Texas AgriLife Extension Service.

– Prepared as part of the IPM STAR Certification process by the IPM Institute of North America for posting on its website with permission from Spring ISD.

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