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2022 AppleTalk registration is now available 

AppleTalk IPM Conference Calls will resume on Tuesday April 19th from 8:00 to 9 AM (CDT)

New Grower and Grower-Referral Incentive
AppleTalk is pleased to offer a discount for new participants and existing subscribers who refer a grower to the program.  The 2022 price for AppleTalk is $200 for the weekly call, emails and access to the blog and call recording.  First-time participants who have not previously been a paid subscriber to AppleTalk can register for $170.  Existing AppleTalk subscribers who refer a new grower can share in the incentive by registering for $170.  The name of the orchard being referred must be included in the registration for the renewing subscriber to receive this benefit.  The new participant must complete their registration within five business days of the referring grower.

Blog only subscription continues
The blog only subscription is available for $150.  This option is for growers who are not available to listen live to the weekly AppleTalk calls.  This subscription provides access to the call recording, blog posts and emailed summaries.

AppleTalk blog:

About AppleTalk
AppleTalk supports sustainable and organic apple producers with information needed to tackle tough pest management and production issues one week at a time, from green tip to the last sprays applied before harvest.

The weekly call allows you to stay informed on pest conditions, answer pressing questions and learn about other growers’ approaches to IPM.   Guest experts from universities around the region participate and discuss a wide range of IPM and fruit production issues including: insect, weed and disease management, thinning and tree nutrition.

The call discussions emphasize the role of using orchard ecology and pest biology to inform insect and disease management.  The program also addresses fruit thinning, tree nutrition, pesticide selection and application timing of low-risk conventional and organic-approved pesticides.  If you are concerned about the invasive brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB), AppleTalk will keep you current on the latest BMSB activity.

Call facilitators John Aue, Threshold IPM Services and Peter Werts, IPM Institute shares their wealth of knowledge and experience as an IPM consultants for the tree fruit industry in Illinois, Minnesota and Wisconsin.  John has been consulting for over 25 years and Peter is beginning his 14th season as a crop scout and consultant. Guest speakers are featured periodically during the 17-week program.

If you miss a call, a link to the call recording and a call summary are emailed and posted to the AppleTalk blog within 24-48 hours of each AppleTalk.

What have other growers been saying about AppleTalk?
“I have been participating in AppleTalk since the beginning, and it continues to improve over the years.  It’s a valuable tool that closely follows our seasonal crop phenology and constantly adjusts to discuss what is happening in the orchard and what to prepare for.  Call topics often focus on new pests and what to expect if they become a nuisance.  The ability to listen to guest speakers from regional universities, such as Cornell, is another appreciated aspect of the call.”

  • Bill Stone, Brightonwoods Orchard

“The increased attention to organic management has been very helpful.  Both in terms of strategies for pest control and use of organic materials.  I like that there is a lot of discussion about preserving beneficials and making the best use of a control measure.”

  • Rami Aburomia, Oak Rock Orchard

“Just starting out, I didn’t have much experience growing apples.  The ability to participate in AppleTalk over the last couple of seasons has been instrumental in laying the foundation of my education.  I would not be nearly as far as I am today if I was doing this completely on my own.  It has helped me develop a solid base to manage and grow my orchard.”

  • Wayne Geist, Bushel and a Peck Market

“As a new apple grower, this forum provides expertise and direct guidance as well as real world actionable and timely solutions.  This has directly contributed to a targeted approach to pest control and given me the confidence to apply pesticides only when needed rather than on a broad-spectrum program.”

  • Chris Hoerichs, Mulberry Grove Family Farm

AppleTalk is managed by The IPM Institute of North America, Inc., in collaboration with Threshold IPM Services, the Wisconsin Apple Growers Association and the UW-Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems.

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