Raspberries and Blueberries
The arrival of spotted wing drosophila has created significant challenges for conventional and organic producers across our region.  Our scouting and technical assistance using IPM-based recommendations can help bring infestation rates under control and improve crop quality and quantity.

Grape producers have been fortunate to have relatively few problems with insect pests in our region. As vineyards become more established, grape berry moth, grape flea beetle and grape phylloxera, may become of increasing economic importance. Grape producers must also manage a wide range of diseases including powdery and downy mildew. We can help with early detection of diseases and provide a management program which minimizes the risk of resistance.

Strawberry season is short and swift! We can make sure you have the best possible crop at the time of harvest with our monitoring program for tarnished plant bug and flower thrips.  We can also design a disease management program to minimize infections of brown and leather rot.

Contact us today, pwerts@ipminstitute.org or (608) 232-1410, to learn more about our technical assistance for berry growers.

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