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Listed below are the archived issues of the Stop School Pests News Roundup, and its previous version, School IPM 2020.  Click on the year to jump to its archived content.

2017 Archives

February 2017
Rodenticides in Your IPM Program, Top Infested Cities, 2017 Pest Forecast, New IPM STAR Achievers

January 2017
Asthma and Allergies in American Schools, Vector Control E-Learning, Community IPM Roach Approach

2016 Archives

December 2016
Happy Holidays, Mouse Allergen in Schools Tied to Worse Asthma for Kids, Looking for School IPM Practitioners for Research Case Study

November 2016
How a School Turned to IPM to Solve Their Cockroach Problem, NIH Announces $157 Million for Research on Environmental Influences on Child Health, Addressing Indoor Environmental Issues is Key to Controlling Asthma

October 2016
Stop School Pests Training Available, Iowa Schools Cut Pesticide Use, Bed Bug Curriculum Found Effective

September 2016
School Children as IPM Champions, Mosquitoes, Spotlight on IPM Schools

August 2016
School Nurses & IPM, Tick Risks, & Stinging Insects

2015 Archives

January 2015
Tools for School IPM, New California Healthy Schools Act Amendments Require IPM Training and Building a School IPM Team

2014 Archives

December 2014
Winter Moth, Urban EPA Online Education Events for School IPM, How Could IPM Have Helped?

November 2014
Spiders, EPA Recognizes Two Indiana Schools for Model IPM Programs, IPM Curriculum Workshop at October NSTA Conference and News From the 2014 ESA Meeting

October 2014
Do I Smell a Stink Bug?, Tick-Safe-Schools and U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon Schools Deadlines Approaching

September 2014
Don’t Let Mice Move Into Your School!, IPM in the Classroom and Classroom InPestigation!

August 2014
Tawny Crazy Ant Spreading Across Gulf States, What to do with Out-Dated, Unused Pesticides and New Online School IPM Courses Now Available!

July 2014
Protect Yourself From Mosquito Bites! Revamped and Integrated Pest Management and Health Inspections Training Video Now Available!

June 2014
Excavating Carpenter Ants, iSchool Pest Manager and Deadline Approaching for Entomological Foundation 2014 Awards!

May 2014
SHIELDS IAQ Master Class Project, Earwigs Thrive in Wet Springs and Wisconsin EPA Grant Complete

April 2014
Look Out for Questing Ticks, School IPM 2015 Updated Priorities and Best Management Practices for School IPM

March 2014
Lessons of the 1937 Texas School Explosion, Stop School Pests – A National Standard for IPM Training and Opportunity for Fun and Discovery at the USA Science and Engineering Festival

February 2014
New Pest Control Product Evaluator Unveiled, Mailbag and Additional Head Lice Treatment Options

January 2014
Head Lice: A Lingering Pest, Cockroaches: A Cause for Concern and New Year, Deep Clean, Fresh Start!

2013 Archives

December 2013
Childhood Behavior Problems Linked to Common Insecticides, Getting the Most from Your Pest Management Professional and No, That’s Not a Bed Bug!

November 2013
IPM Education Success at the Austin Insect Rodeo, Another Reason IPM in Schools is a Good Thing, eXtension Webinar Series Recordings Available.

October 2013
Terrific Resources for Managing Wildlife Challenges, Foodborne Pathogens Lurking in Unexpected Places, and IPM STAR Assessments will Verify IPM Performance in Schools.

September 2013
Canine’s on the Trail of Pests, Maine’s New Statewide School IPM Coalition and Midwest Consortium – Expanding Verifiable IPM in Public Schools.

August 2013
Stinging Insects Are Getting Busy!, ‘Tis the Season for Mice in Schools and Check Your Facts!

July 2013
Help for School IPM Planning, Managing Deer on School Grounds, IPM Training Tools for Teachers

June 2013
School District Survey Reveals Successes and Opportunities, Keller Independent School District Does IPM Right, Mosquito Management Takes a Community

May 2013
Take the Sting out of Fire Ants, Southern Region Turf Management, Mole Management Strategies

April 2013
Canada Geese go to School, Thwarting Nuisance Pests, Don’t Let Bats Move into your School, Get Involved in National Healthy Schools Day

March 2013
Weed Management in Hard-to-Reach Places, Scruffles the Mouse Teaches IPM, Significant Asthma Reduction through IPM

February 2013
US EPA Grant Helps CESA 10 Raise IPM Awareness, New Science Standards Provide Exciting Opportunity for Expanded IPM Education, Kitchen Shelving and Pests:What’s the Connection?

January 2013
School IPM Coalitions Foster Collaboration and Progress, Don’t Let Employees Bring Pesticides to Work, and Tips to Keep Mice Out

2012 Archives

December 2012
EPA PPDC Recommends The Business Case for IPM in Schools, Top Ten DOs and DON’Ts for School IPM Success, and Training Modules Provide IPM Tips for Child Care and Early Learning Environments

November 2012
Go Beyond the IPM Basics, Gaining Administrator Buy-in for IPM in Schools, and Two Washington State School Districts Achieve IPM STAR Certification

October 2012
Fall is the Perfect Time to Overseed in Northern Climates, Calculate your School District’s IPM Budget and Pest Risk, and Outdoor and Field School IPM

September 2012
Don’t Invite Pests to Breakfast, US School IPM “Report Cards” Show Progress, and Make IPM Fun and Educational

August 2012
Safely Manage Feral Cats, Following Bed Bugs Home from School, and New YouTube Channel Highlights IPM Video Shorts

July 2012
Proactive Action Plans Discourage Bed Bug Problems, Pest Identification is Vital to IPM, and Suburban Exterminating Offers Mobile Device Pest ID App

June 2012
Tips for More Effective Asthma Management in Schools, IPMPro Mobile Device App Supplies Plant-Care Help, and California Reports School Pest Management Survey Results

May 2012
Green Ribbon Schools Recognized for Creating Healthy Learning Environments, Pest Private Eye Video Game Allows Kids to Play Detective and US EPA Webinar on IPM in Child Care Centers Draws a Crowd

April 2012
Bed Bugs and Book Bags Teaches Kids Valuable Lessons, The IPM Minute Videos Show the Basics and New York City Department of Education Renews IPM STAR Certification

March 2012
IPM Coordinators Vital to IPM Program Success, More Than 500 Facility Managers Hear Tips on Bed Bug and Lice Management, and National Healthy Schools Day Provides Opportunities for IPM

February 2012
Oregon Joins States with School IPM Mandates, EPA Centralizes Healthy Child Care Training and Curriculum Resources and IPM and Green Cleaning in Tribal Schools

January 2012
Superior Pest Elimination Applying IPM in New York Schools, Gain Recognition for your School’s Asthma Management Program and Webinar Spreads the Word on Policies to Reduce School Pesticide Exposures

2011 Archives

December 2011
Building Out Pests, Pest Presses Provide a Wealth of Information, and Parents: Become an Advocate for IPM in your Child’s School.

November 2011
Building Out Pests, Green Ribbon School Program, School Siting Guidelines

October 2011
Building Out Pests, New Business Case and Asthma Documents, Three Texas School Districts Become IPM STAR Certified

September 2011
Contracting for IPM Services in Schools, Facility Managers Learn IPM Tactics, 2011-2012 Pest Management Calendar

August 2011
Pesticide Bans Provide New Opportunities for IPM, EPA Announces PestWise Awards, New Facility Masters Webcast and Nationwide Listserv

July 2011
Fort Drum Receives IPM STAR Certification, UFL School IPM Newsletter and New Resources for School IPM Coalitions

June 2011
Best Practices for In-House IPM, Pest Presses and the IPM Cost Calculator

February 2011
IPM in the Classroom, Performance Standards for IPM Coordinators and New Inspector’s Field Guide for Pest Identification

2010 Archives

June 2010
Child Nutrition Manager’s Perspective, A Conversation with Al Fournier and a School IPM 2015 Update

March 2010
Pest Management Professional’s Perspective, Professional Organizations and a New IPM Video Game

January 2010
2010 IPM Resolutions, New Hampshire Demonstration and Fighting Bed Bugs

2009 Archives

November 2009
South Dakota School IPM, Bed Bug Myth Busters and an IPM VOICE

September 2009
Setting an Example: Ascension Parish School System, Louisiana, Allergen Testing – The Salem-Keizer School District Story, New School IPM Outreach Committee Forming

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