Tactics and Resources for Reducing Pest and Pesticide Risks in Schools and Other Sensitive Environments

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How do you know if the pest management practices in your school are the least risk, most effective available?  Is your school doing as much as possible to prevent and avoid pest problems?  How many of the available IPM practices is your school implementing?

“IPM Standards for Schools:  A Program for Reducing Pest and Pesticide Risks in Schools and Other Sensitive Environments”  is a new initiative that can provide answers to these questions.

The 165 page document lists more than 700 IPM practices for use in school buildings and on school grounds, as well as more than 250 resources for information on how to implement those practices, model legislation, school pest management practice surveys, IPM curricula and project ideas for teachers, directory of organizations with resources for school IPM, school IPM-related headlines from US newspapers and other resources.

School professionals and those working with schools to reduce pest and pesticide risks in schools are invited to use the document as an educational, motivational and self-assessment tool.  The program also offers IPM Certification on a voluntary basis to schools meeting a high standard for IPM implementation.

IPM Standards is a comprehensive list of practices and resources and should be used as a reference, not as an evaluation for schools, or as a means for them to achieve certification.  For school evaluation and certification measures, see our IPM STAR site, complete with a IPM STAR Evaluation Form.

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