What is IPM Certification?

Certification implies that a professional, product or service meets a well-defined standard.  Certification can be a powerful tool to demonstrate to customers, neighbors and peers in your profession that your pest management practices meet the highest standards for reduced hazard and effectiveness.

Many programs include IPM as a standard that must be met prior to certification.  Not all programs require IPM performance to the same degree – some programs have minimal IPM requirements and other truly seek to identify top IPM performers.  For an independent rating of many certification programs addressing pest management (including some of our projects such as Green Shield Certified and EcoApple) visit Consumer Reports’ greenerchoices.org.

The IPM Institute has worked with public agencies, non-governmental organizations and industry to develop and implement meaningful programs incorporating IPM standards.  Our clients have included Whole Foods Market, Food Alliance, Protected Harvest, SYSCO Corporation and the Universities of Wisconsin, Florida, Cornell and Rutgers, among others.