Asian Tiger Mosquito Found in Vermont

The Asian Tiger mosquito, typically associated with tropical climates, has been found in Vermont. Although these viruses were not present in specimens found, the insect is a known disease vector for Zika, chikungunya and dengue. Natalie Kwit, public health veterinarian with the Vermont Department of Health, said that while the discovery of Aedes albopictus in… Read more »

Nominations Sought for 2019 Excellence in IPM Award

Criteria for Nomination Candidates for an Excellence in IPM Award are individuals or organizations whose IPM work in New York State deserves special recognition. Excellence in IPM Awards recognize effort in: – developing new IPM tools; – implementing or evaluating IPM methods in their operations, businesses, or organizations; – encouraging demonstrations and adoption of IPM;… Read more »

Major French Cities Ban Synthetic Pesticides

Five major French cities (Paris, Lille, Nantes, Grenoble and Clermont-Ferrand) simultaneously announced a ban on synthetic pesticides today, in a mostly symbolic move meant to change nationwide laws on pesticide use. Read more on The Brussels Times