The August Edition of Southern Region IPM News has been Published

The Southern Region IPM News posts a collection of headlines from news sources throughout the Southern Region. Some of the news provided here may also be national, such as notices about upcoming EPA or NIFA webinars or national events that affect this region.

In the 08/09/2017 edition:

Webinar: Privet Biology and Management in Southeastern Forests
UK Horse Pasture Evaluation Program benefits students, farms
New ATTRA Farm-Safety Resources Help Growers Understand Regulations
“Good-Guy” Fungus to Take on Killer of Oaks and Ornamental Crops
• If you want a good pollinator plant, think about a cup plant
Identification and Management of Leaf Spots in Cotton
Missouri uses weather stations to help farmers avoid off-target applications
Time to scout for peanut pests
2017 All Bugs Good and Bad Webinar Series: Drain Flies, House Flies, and Fungus Gnats
Honey bee populations begin to improve