4th International Organic Tree Fruit Research Symposium

March 4-6, 2007, East Lansing, Michigan
Edited from press release

This Symposium was started by growers and is for both growers and researchers. Growers will be taking leadership roles throughout the course of the Symposium. The Symposium will cover current research on soil quality, ground cover, tree, pest and horticulture management and other advances in organic tree fruit production. Practical research, on-farm advances and realistic marketing strategies will be emphasized.

At the Symposium, we will discuss:
* Current organic tree fruit research and the results of that research.
* How growers can utilize these results to move the state of the art of organic tree fruit growing forward. How current research affects or changes growing techniques.
* Where do we need to go with research? What are priorities and needs for research projects? We know there are finite research resources available, so to what priorities should those resources be focused?

The orchard tours organized as part of the Symposium will allow us to look closely at research projects and to kick the dirt in discussions of what those projects mean.

Producers and growers may submit an abstract or poster for presentation. Industry and academic professionals are asked to present their research in poster form. Final deadline for abstract and poster submission will be February 15, 2007. Topics should relate to one of the following sections:
* Pest Management
* Insect and Mite Management
* Disease Management
* Marketing
* Soil Fertility
* Tree Vigor & Training
* Ground Cover Management
* Grower Organizations

For information on registering or presenting, please email
RPMNews@msu.edu, or telephone 517-353-9425.