Addenda to May 18, 11, and 4 IPM Call

Apple Growers,
A conference call reminder that Larry Gut (Michigan State University tree-fruit entomologist) has agreed to answer any questions we have about codling moth management on our next call (Tuesday, May 25). So, if there is anything you’ve been wondering about with this pest, some new practice or product, etc you’ve wanted to try in your orchard, or virtually any question you can think of that concerns CM, let’s hear it. I’d like to have the questions forwarded to me ( ) so I can sort and prioritize them ahead of time if necessary. While there will doubtless be time for growers to ask some questions off the cuff, I think there’ll be less dead air time if we have a list in hand to get us started. I may even email him ahead of time (Monday AM) if there are any questions that beg a more nuanced response.
I anticipate his participation will run from about 8:05 to 8:45. We’ll spend the last 15 minutes on PC and other recent developments (e.g. look for scab this weekend).
Also, the links below are addenda to our last three calls (May 4, 11, 18). They are links either to articles from Michigan State University’s Fruit CAT Newsletters or Cornell’s Scaffolds journal.
From the May 4 edition of Michigan State’s Fruit CAT Newsletter:
Organic PC Control (some useful info for all growers)
From the May 11 edition of Michigan State’s Fruit CAT Newsletter:
The first paragraph of this regional report mentions the freezing temps of May 9-10 and waiting on thinner application:
Preliminary results on the rainfast-ness of various insecticides (Note most of the Neo-Nics early susceptibility to wash-off):
An interesting discussion of temperature and codling moth biology:
From the May 18 edition of Michigan State’s Fruit CAT Newsletter:
A Discussion of materials for PC control (note continued reliance on tree phenology rather than temperatures for application timing):
Review of first generation CM management (very few changes from the 2009 version):
Items from recent editions of Scaffolds:
Regarding comments I made on the May 11 call about scab and not flagging on your fungicide coverage, the May10 issue of Scaffolds has a bit:
Editions of Scaffolds are available only as pdf downloads, so you have to download an entire issue to read any of it – but it’s free.
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