Agenda Announced and Registration Open for the 2022 Tick Academy

Please join the Tick IPM Working Group for the third annual Tick Academy.  

The Tick Academy is the premier event for researchers, educators, students, public health professionals, pest control professionals, public-space managers and citizen scientists interested in learning more about what they can do to stop the spread of ticks and tickborne diseases in their communities.  

This in-person event will feature time in the field collecting ticks followed by hands-on tick identification in a lab setting. The full agenda may be viewed at  

Keynote speakers include Scott Larson, PhD, Assistant Entomologist of the Metropolitan Mosquito Control District and John Oliver, PhD, Assistant Professor of the University of Minnesota. 

Scott Larson received his PhD in Entomology from UW-Madison where he studied ticks and tick-borne diseases in the forests of northern Wisconsin. He was hired as a postdoc for the Midwest Center of Excellence for Vector-borne Disease where he researched tick control strategies for homeowners. 

John Oliver is a public health entomologist specializing in vector-borne diseases. His research expertise lies primarily in the relationship between ticks and emerging tick-borne pathogens relevant to human health. 

To register, please visit