Agenda for the Organic Apple Grower’s Hour call April 9th, 7-9pm

Today, is Lisa DiPietro’s last day with the Eco-Fruit Project at the Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems. Lisa will be moving to Sequim, WA to work on a farm called Nash’s Organic Produce and to work for the Organic Seed Alliance. Thanks Lisa for all your wonderful work.

I am Samuel Pratsch and I will be taking over for Lisa. I have over ten years of experience doing outreach with farmers and other agricultural specialists. I look forward to learning with you about organic apple production.

Please join us for the Organic Apple Growers’ Hour conference call on Thursday, April 9th. You can download the agenda here.

To call in, dial 712-432-1680, then enter this access code: 868736. You can access all the information on how to listen to recordings of the calls by going to the Apple Talk entry posted on March 17th.