Apple Summit March 3

Here is some information about the Apple Summit from WAGA. Growers who don’t belong to WAGA are more than welcome to attend the summit, but they will need to pay a higher registration fee.
The Wisconsin Apple Growers will be holding an Apple Summit on Monday, March 3, 2008 at the Chula Vista Resort in Wisconsin Dells.
We’ll kick off with a social on Sunday evening. Room rates are $79 which includes waterpark access. You can get waterpark passes at noon on Sunday and then check-in at 4 p.m.
Monday we’ll have an energy packed agenda including discussion on:
The 1/1/08 requirement for all farms to have nutrient management plans with Teryl Roper
Fine tuning the production of Honey Crisp with David Bedford (tenative)
The future of cider production in Wisconsin with Bill Stone, Brightonwoods Orchard & Herdie Baisden, Maiden Rock Apples
Labor Strategies with Kevin Cain, Cain’s Orchard & Bob Howe, formerly of Sacia Orchards
Club Apples with Wanda Heuser, Summit Tree Sales
New Apple Varieties with Doug Shefelbine, Shefelbine Orchards
Worker Protection Inspections – We’ve been told orchards are a focus this year…
Accepting Credit Cards – The Pros & Cons and how to get the best deal
Orchard Economics with Tom Ferguson, Ferguson’s Morningside Orchard
In addition:
We’ll hold the WAGA Annual Meeting over lunch
We’ll hold the Wisconsin Apple Cider Contest
The registration fee is not yet decided, but will be very affordable. More details to follow.