AppleTalk 2020 Registration

Registration for the 2020 AppleTalk season is now open!  AppleTalk is a weekly conference call for sustainable and organic apple growers that discusses current challenges in insect, disease, weed, and nutrient management from green tip to harvest.  Calls take place on Tuesday’s from 8:00-9:00am CDT.  Our first call of the season will be on Tuesday, April 21.

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John Aue, Threshold IPM Services and Peter Werts, IPM Institute are the primary call facilitators.  Periodically, tree fruit experts from Cornell University, Michigan State University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison will share their expertise.  Each subscription includes the weekly call, emails and access to the blog and call recording.  Call summaries will be posted to the blog within 24-48 hours and call recordings may be streamed from the AppleTalk blog.  Check out the blog here:

Here are a few testimonials from current AppleTalk participants:

“I have been participating in AppleTalk since the beginning, and it continues to improve over the years.  It’s a valuable tool that closely follows our seasonal crop phenology and constantly adjusts to discuss what is happening in the orchard and what to prepare for.  Call topics often focus on new pests and what to expect if they become a nuisance.  The ability to listen to guest speakers from regional universities, such as Cornell, is another appreciated aspect of the call.”

  • Bill Stone, Brightonwoods Orchard

“The increased attention to organic management has been very helpful.  Both in terms of strategies for pest control and use of organic materials.  I like that there is a lot of discussion about preserving beneficials and making the best use of a control measure.”

  • Rami Aburomia, Atoms to Apples

“AppleTalk provides a great opportunity for growers to get ahead of the issues that face their orchards throughout the season.  It is a unique opportunity to hear what pests and management tasks prepare for each week, and ask questions and share ideas with seasoned experts in the field.”

  • Annie Klodd, University of Minnesota

For more information, please contact:
Peter Werts:
Josie Dillon: