Apply for EQIP funding for apple IPM while you still can!

Red Alert!!
Hot off the press — Tree Fruit Growers who are thinking about signing up for EQIP (NRCS – Environmental Quality Incentives Program) to help them convert their growing practices from conventional to incorporating IPM practices need to do it this year!! The sign-up for EQIP is from December 1, 2008 to January 30, 2009.
It is important that if you are thinking about signing up for EQIP Pest Management Standard you do it this year — as I just found out that with the new 2008 Farm Bill the Pest Management Standard (595) will most likely be eliminated and it is unclear what will take its place. In essence this year may be the last year for EQIP for IPM for orchards. SO DO NOT DELAY AND SIGN-UP TODAY!!!!
If interested in utilizing IPM on your farm — go to your local NRCS local and sign-up for the Pest Management Practice (595). Currently, this practice pays growers an incentive fee of $135/acre. This payment is about 50% of the actual costs of obtaining a written IPM plan, and associated IPM practices from the list on the attached sheet. Each grower works with NRCS and the IPM plan developer to ascertain which IPM practices are appropriate for a grower each year of the contract. Contracts are 4 years in length — and growers receive payment of $135/acre for 3 years of the contract.
If you have any questions regarding this — please contact Regina Hirsch at 608-335-7755 (cell) or 608-265-3637 (office)
Below is the Pest Management Standard 595 checklist:
Download file