Apr 22 Conference Call Summary

John’s Updates
1. Some growers in the Southeast part of the state are at or beyond – inch green.
2. Last night, leaf miners and red banded leaf rollers probably started to fly.
3. Red banded and leaf miner traps should be out in the orchard by this time.
4. CM traps should go out next week.
Conversation Topics
1. Using soy bean oil instead of mineral oil for scale, European red mite. tip: Do not put oil in Bordeaux mix.
2. Defining first, second and third cover
3. An egg mass found in one participant’s orchard
4. The significance of a reported scab infection period this early in the season
5. Deciding when to spray a protectant after an initial application of copper. tip: To allow for redistribution on rapidly growing leaves, don’t use a spreader-sticker in the first application of a protectant after copper.
6. The usefulness of the MN squash mount trial, doing squash mounts in WI
7. Spraying strep during bloom for blight
8. Getting weather info: National Weather Service, ACCU Weather, NOAA, etc.
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