April 2017 Issue of IPM Insights Published

The April 2017 issue of the Northeastern IPM Center’s newsletter IPM Insights is now available to view and download here. In this month’s edition you can find the following articles:

Beyond Agriculture: The Whole Farm Approach to Pests
Change can be rapid or slow in forming, requiring years of stimuli, until one day something clicks, or just makes more sense.

Applying the “Whole Farm” Concept to Apartment Buildings
That cockroach creeping across your neighbor’s apartment floor is certainly spewing forth tiny asthma-triggering allergens—a vicious band of Wild West gunmen raiding the whole farm of human dwellings.

Plants Have Natural Defense Systems
Some plants emit chemical “help” signals that call natural enemies— such as beneficial insects— to their aid.

New videos from the from the Northeastern IPM Center’s YouTube page are also available to view.