EPA Region 5 Awards Individuals, Organizations, Agencies throughout
Upper Midwest for Significant Achievements in Promoting School
Integrated Pest Management

The U.S. EPA views protecting children’s health as one of its highest priorities. Some pests, such as cockroaches, flies, yellow jacket wasps, and mice may harm both children and adults in school environments, while other pests such as head lice, weeds, ants, and fruit flies are more of a nuisance. Management of these pests in and around schools is important to providing a safe educational environment. Pesticides can help manage school pests, but they need to be used carefully and judiciously. However, the public and parents are concerned also about health and
environmental risks associated with chemical use in schools. Children may be more sensitive to pesticides than adults because of their smaller body size, developing internal organs, and frequent contact with pesticide treated areas through touch, exploration, and hand-to-mouth activities.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an effective and environmentally sensitive approach to pest management in the school community which employs common sense strategies to reduce sources of food, water, and shelter for pests in school buildings and on grounds. IPM programs
dictate the minimal use of the least hazardous pesticides when necessary in order to reduce any potential risks to children and the environment from pesticides.

In the absence of Federal legislation or laws requiring IPM in schools, particular State agencies, organizations, and individuals in the upper Midwest have worked hard and cooperatively in partnership throughout their State to promote IPM in schools. Several of these individuals have
risen to the status of National leaders in the field, taking their successes learned in the Midwest to many other States. The real credit of children’s health protection from pesticides in school environments goes out to these people who are on the front lines, working with each other as partners and working in conjunction with State legislatures, committees, school districts, and individual sanitarians, pest management professionals, educators, public health departments environmentalists, and the media with the common goal of making a difference in the protection of children from potential pesticide exposures.

The U.S. EPA Region 5 (Chicago) is thankful to the below environmental partners for their efforts to protect children’s health through the promotion and implementation of IPM in schools. To express our appreciation, individuals from the below organizations were honored recently for their efforts through awards to them of recognition certificates or plaques.


Illinois Department of Public Health (Springfield) – Linn Haramis & Fred Riecks
University of Illinois Extension (Urbana) – Phil Nixon
Sentinel Insect Control Lab (Springfield) – Jon Hockenyos
Elementary School District 181 – Sue Kamuda
IPM Systems – Robert Kusel
Safer Pest Control Project (Chicago) – Jessica Bullen, Jill Viehweg & Julie Abraham Dick
Dalsh Consulting (Chicago) – Dave Shangle
Smithereen Exterminating – David Harris-John
Illinois Pest Control Association


Monroe County Community Schools Corporation – John Carter & Jerry Jochim
Office of the Indiana State Chemist (West Lafayette) – Dave Scott
Purdue University (West Lafayette) – Fred Whitford
Improving Kids’ Environment (Indianapolis) – Tom Neltner & Julia Tipton Hogan
Indiana Department of Environmental Management – Paula Smith & Tami Johnson
POW Pest Control – Leon Williams
Indiana Pest Control Association


Michigan State University – Erica Jenkins
Cass Tech High School – Michael Jones
Saginaw School District – Donald Scott
Michigan Pest Control Association


Minnesota Department of Agriculture – Jean Ciborowski & John Peckham
University of Minnesota Cooperative Extension Service – Dean Herzfeld & Jeff Hahn
Minnesota Department of Health – Chuck Stroebel
Department of Children, Families & Learning – Phil Allmon


Ohio State University Cooperative Extension Service – Margaret Huelsman & David Shetlar
Ohio Pest Control Association


Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection – Brian Becker & Patricia Kandziora
University of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension Service – Karen Delahaut, John Stier & Phil Pellitteri


Indiana University – Marc Lame
RMC Consulting/NPMA – Bobby Corrigan
Purdue University – Tim Gibb & Al Fournier
Michigan Department of Agriculture – Larry Swain


IPM Institute of North America – Tom Green