August 12 IPM Conference Call

1. Fire blight: seeing more infections than usual, seeing infections on fruit not hit by hail, seeing infections on fruit where no blight is visible on branches, etc.
2. Black rot: seeing many infections this year, identification of fruit rots, etc.
3. Powdery mildew: possibility of smothering with Stylet oil
4. Scab: resurgence of after a 6 week lull
5. Stink bugs: damage reported on soft fruits, identifying damage
6. Japanese beetles: still active in some orchards, but population greatly decreased; spot sprays recommended
7. Wooley apple aphids: lower colonization rate than last year, varying parasitism rates, considerations when using new chemistries for control
8. European red mite: suspected development of resistance to a new chemistry
9. Oriental fruit moth: second flight winding down, monitoring traps through the first week of September
10. Oblique banded leaf rollers: flew in large numbers in Southwest, and South-central WI
11. Apple Maggot: determining the rate of Altacor or Delegate to use for control of, disregarding some trap counts after a control spray, instances where young apples are stung while unbaited traps remain untouched, identifying stings
12. Clarification: L2 lures are the ones that last eight weeks
13. MI State recommendations for frequency with which to change standard lures for first and second CM generations
14. Rate of Altacor to use for a low CM population
15. Adding a penetrating surfactant to kill psylla, thrips
16. When to spray one section of an orchard using CM mating disruption, possible reason for failure of the mating disruption program in the section
If you would like to hear the call recording, dial (641) 715-3436, then enter the access code: 516817. You will be able to hear the recording on the telephone until it is replaced by the next week’s call. You can also hear this recording anytime by downloading the audio file below.
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