August 19 IPM Conference Call

Note: This is the last IPM conference call of the season. Thanks to John for helping everyone get through another round of scab, codling moth, plum curculio, apple maggot, and the many other pests of apples. Lisa will contact you soon to get your input on the calls this season.
1. Summer diseases: keeping an eye on leaf wetness hours, what to consider if you have recorded over 100 leaf wetness hours since your last spray.
2. Japanese Beetle: population winding down, looking for fresh feeding damage to determine the need for a spot spray
3. Relationship between green apple aphids, wooly apple aphids, and ladybeetle larvae.
4. Wooly apple aphids: in some orchards, they have been wiped out by natural enemies, in others, their populations continue to grow.
5. San Jose scale: which trees are most likely to be infested, taping branches, how to scout for SJS on fruit
6. European red mite: not spraying when a tree is very bronzed, scouting trees with only a touch of bronzing (counting females and eggs, looking for predators and predator eggs), threshold considerations
7. Oblique banded leaf roller: low egg survival due to weather, where to scout for, damage looking different than textbook examples, relatively lower threshold
8. Codling moth: numbers declining in almost all orchards, deciding whether a further spray is warranted
9. Oystershell scale
If you would like to hear the call recording, dial (641) 715-3436, then enter the access code: 516817. You will be able to hear the recording on the telephone until it is replaced by the next week’s call. You can also hear this recording anytime by downloading the audio file below.
Download the call