August 5 IPM Conference Call

1. Grower seeing an increase in severity of fire blight in August: possible reasons for, ways to approach the problem
2. Sooty blotch/fly speck: good conditions for infection this season, tracking leaf wetness hours for
3. Powdery mildew: increase in infections over past two years, watching for symptoms, avoiding infection of next year’s buds
4. Fruit rots: differentiating black rot from white rot
5. Finding and tracking blossom end rot, calyx end rot, and moldy core
6. Using a heavy application of protectant for the final scab spray
7. OBLR: second flight should start in next couple of weeks, can cause damage at the end of the spray season
8. OFM: flight will start sometime this month, checking the orchard for
9. Rust mites: infestations should be apparent at this point
10. Stink bugs: scouting for egg clusters, identifying damage caused by
11. Pear Psylla: severity increases after multiple generations
12. Possible identification of an AM genetic variant
13. CM: trap counts vary between orchards, higher counts second generation often mean your orchard’s fruit is infested, possible resistance to Imidan found in one orchard, importance of checking to make sure treatment for second generation was effective
14. Chemicals that may control Japanese beetle
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