Back to the blog…

Well, it has been a busy season hasn’t it?
Regina and I are getting out from under our work on EQIP training and policy development with good news – it looks like growers can contract for $120/acre to implement IPM in orchards starting with 2007 contracts. We also have project funding through 2009 – yes!!
The All-Networks meeting is planned for Monday, 11/13/06. We will talk about project funding and data management, EQIP contracts and more. I am making the trek to Bayfield to meet with the new UWEX educator there and some of the growers on Wednesday, 11/25 at 1:30. Please let Jason know you are coming if you plan to stop in. The plan is to reach as many growers on the visit as possible.
On the way up to Bayfield I will be stopping by Chippewa Falls. I have a tentative time to meet with Jerry Clark on Tuesday 10/24 at 9. Again, if any growers are free to meet at that time, that would be ideal. I hope to reach some of you by phone before then. Call me on the cell – 608.215.3719