Beneficial Insects Publication by Alan Eaton

A message from Alan Eaton, Extension professor/specialist of Entomology at the University of New Hampshire:

Dear Colleagues,

I’ve been answering questions about insects in New Hampshire for over 38 years. Over the years it has become obvious that many farmers and gardeners want to be able to identify which insects are beneficial. Until now, we haven’t had too many books or articles that covered that. When they did, the articles didn’t explain how to tell that this insect was beneficial. Or maybe they did, but the publication covered species in California! In my latest publication, I explain what commonly seen groups are beneficial, how you tell them from other insects, and how they make a living. I’ve included over 70 of my color photographs, and included a section on how to preserve & protect beneficial insects in New Hampshire. Our state is full of beneficial insects. If you’d like to read more about them, and learn to recognize some, follow this link There are many more publications on UNH Cooperative Extension’s website at
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