Celebrate Asthma Awareness Month—Take Action in Your School Community!

May is Asthma Awareness Month (AAM)—the perfect time to raise awareness and take action in your school community.

Each May, thousands of organizations across the U.S. join together for AAM to increase public awareness and improve the lives of children and families with asthma. Be part of this national effort to get asthma under control in communities nationwide!

AsthmaCommunityNetwork.org can connect you with tools and resources to plan and promote educational events and activities for students, staff and parents. Share your AAM stories and activities on the Network Blog!

Looking for ideas for teaching older kids about asthma? Try creative activities from North East Independent School District’s Diane Rhodes, presented in the 2013 Asthma Award Winners webinar. The North East Independent School District in Texas is one of many school programs that share resources and connect with others on AsthmaCommunityNetwork.org.

Collaborate with other community programs, like the Girl Scouts, to offer educational opportunities to students. The Asthma Awareness Patch Program teaches Girl Scouts about asthma, environmental triggers and how they can help friends with asthma avoid triggers.