Chieftain apple trees available as special orders

Chieftain apple was developed by Iowa State University horticulture professor Spencer Beach. In 1917, he crossed Jonathan and Delicious varieties and came up with what some consider the best of both. It combines the shelf life and color appeal of the Red Delicious and the taste and baking qualities of Jonathan. It has a deep bright red skin, improved flavor, crisp texture, and stores well. It is good for both baking and eating fresh out-of-hand. It is moderately resistant to scab and fire blight diseases.
Chieftain was released for public consumption in the early 1960s and soon became a favorite of both growers and consumers. It never received national acclaim and wholesale propagation of the trees stopped a few years ago. Because of its popularity in Iowa, Chieftain trees are now available once again through limited production, special orders.
Chieftain will be budded on EMLA 7 rootstock. This is a semi-dwarf rootstock which will produce a tree 12-15 feet tall at maturity. This rootstock has exceptional winter hardiness and good anchorage, but may require staking while young if in an open, windy area. It does well in most soils, especially deep, fertile soil versus light sandy or heavy clay.
Orders for Chieftain apple trees must be in minimums of 25 to qualify for the commercial price. If people want less than that they can split an order. For more information or to place an order, contact Duane Mann, 712-647-2520, .