Aubrey Schoff

Aubrey has a B.A. in Environment and Sustainability and a Master’s in Environmental Management (MEM) with an emphasis in Sustainable and Resilient Communities from Western Colorado University. As a Wisconsin native, her passion for the outdoors began early while recreating in many of the state’s beautiful natural areas. Years of outdoor recreational and botany seasonal work in Colorado’s western slope, northern New Hampshire, and northern Wisconsin/Michigan have only bolstered this connection. She is passionate about connecting people, communities, and companies with sustainably centered solutions to achieve more of a balance between the environment and the needs of modern society. Throughout her education and experience, sustainable food production was proven again and again as a sector that has the largest impact for this purpose. Aubrey works with various Sustainable Food Group project teams at the IPM Institute to provide support on many projects. Outside of work, you can find Aubrey continuing to explore through recreation, botanizing, and spending time with family in the Northwoods.