Dr. Thomas A. Green

Dr. Thomas A. Green worked on tree fruit farms in Virginia and Florida early in his career, ultimately managing an apple orchard and becoming captivated by the pest management challenges faced by growers. This led to pursuit of a career in IPM, working initially in the Massachusetts Apple IPM Program. In 1980, he founded an IPM supply business subsequently purchased by GEMPLER’S, Inc., a national agricultural product supplier. He is a certified crop advisor and former USDA NRCS technical service provider and has worked directly with growers influencing practices on hundreds of thousands of acres of cropland in the US and internationally.  He co-founded the IPM Institute in 1998, and initiated the Institute’s IPM STAR, Green Shield Certified and Partnership for Ag Resource Management programs, and Public Tick IPM Working Group which has regularly convened national experts and advocates since 2014.

He has served on the US EPA Pesticide Policy Dialogue Committee, chaired the International IPM Symposium Steering Committee, chaired the board of the Entomological Foundation, served as a member of the Exam Committee of the Certified Crop Advisor Program, the Stakeholder Committee for the USDA North Central IPM Center and the Maryland Pesticide Education Network. He has been recognized with awards from US EPA, USDA and the International IPM Symposium.  He continues to provide consulting services through IPM Works LLC and IPM services in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Illinois as proprietor of Green Pest and Tick Control. He also currently serves as board chair of the Heartland Health Research Alliance, as a director of Protected Harvest, and as a member of the Scientific Advisory Committee of Field to Market. Dr. Green holds a Ph.D. in Entomology from the University of Massachusetts.