Nick Speckman

Before coming to the IPM Institute Mr. Speckman received his degrees and certifications in Finance, Accounting, Management and HR. He spent 10+ years of his career in the financial sector in New York City, where he excelled in financial management of portfolios and acquisitions. While honing his financial acumen he developed an interest in the Sustainable Energy sector, where he fostered relationships with industry partners. Those relationships grew and gave Mr. Speckman insight to a gap that many businesses need: concise and deliberate financial strategies as well as clear and restorative practices in the employee management realm. Mr. Speckman then established his own consulting firm which emphasized working with business owners to help them capitalize on their missions and translate their financial goals. Mr. Speckman joined the IPM Institute in 2020, as the Mission and Vision truly spoke to his passion and interest in Sustainable Agriculture and bringing financial knowledge and resources to the sector. Mr. Speckman has been the CEO of the IPM Institute since 2021 and leads the organization with a servant leadership methodology which emphasizes business techniques that work synergistically with the company’s growing vision.