Eco-Apple IPM Conference Calls 2013

Introducing the first 2013 Apple Talk conference call! 

 The IPM Institute of North America welcomes you to join the 2013 season Apple Talk grower conference calls.  Please see the attached information.  The registration form is located on the back page of the attached call announcement.

 Guest speaker Dr. David Rosenberger, plant pathologist from Cornell University, will be on the call to discuss apple scab, powdery mildew and other disease management topics.  Please send your questions to John Aue,, by 10pm on Monday April 29th.

 When:  8:00 AM to 9:00 AM Central, Tuesday April 30th.

 Call agenda:

1.       Additional items?

2.       IPM updates from specialist John Aue.

3.       Guest speaker Dr. David Rosenberger, plant pathologist from Cornell University.

4.       Discussion: changes to call formatting, call funding and future direction.  We welcome everyone to provide feedback and thoughts on changes to the call, and will be allowing the call to run long to address this subject.

Accessing the call

1.    Call into the conference number using your regular phone.

·         Caller-toll: (760) 569-7676.

·         Access code: 272044, then press #.


2.    Use Skype web-based phone service to avoid long-distance charges.  Instructions on downloading and installing Skype are available at,  Enter the following into a new Skype contact: FreeConferenceCallHD.7605697676.  When entered, the contact will stay in your list.  Dial the contact by clicking on it and pressing ‘Call’.  Once you are in the call, open the dial-pad by clicking the ‘Show Dial Pad’ button, and enter access code: 272044 and press #.

 3.    If you cannot make the call, you can access a recording of the call at a later time by calling in (with your phone only) to: (760) 569-7699, then enter the access code: 272044 followed by the # sign.