Eco-Apple IPM Conference Calls begin Tuesday, April 20 at 8 am

Starting on April 20, the UW-Madison Eco-Fruit Project will offer another season of free weekly conference calls with IPM consultant John Aue and other IPM experts.
Why would I want to listen in?
These calls will help you to know what to watch out for, will answer your pressing questions, and will give you an idea of what other growers are doing. At the start of each call, John Aue provides a comprehensive review of pest trends and activity in orchards. Next, he answers growers’ questions about pest and disease management issues. He also asks growers to talk about their own strategies for managing pests. John Aue has provided IPM consulting services to apple growers in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota for over 20 years.
What is the call schedule?
The calls will happen from 8 to 9 am Central time on Tuesdays from April 20 through August 10.
John will give priority to questions received prior to the conference call. Please submit your questions to John by 10 pm the night before each call. Preferably, please e-mail your questions to John at If you do not have access to the internet, you can call John with your questions at 608-604-0234.
What does it cost?
The only cost associated with calling is your normally incurred long-distance charge. If you have free long distance, then these calls are completely free.

How do I call in?

To call in, dial 218-844-0840, then enter this access code: 516817
Other helpful numbers:
press *6 to mute and un-mute your line. Customer help line: 877-482-5838
What if I can’t make the call at 8am on Tuesdays?
If you can’t make the live calls, there are three ways to listen to recordings of the Eco-Apple IPM conference calls:
1. To hear the most recent call recording over the phone:

  • Dial: 218-844-0950, then enter this access code: 516817

2. To access an archive of all call recordings over the phone:

  • Dial: 641-715-3800, then enter this access code: 28864

3. To download call recordings:

  • You will need access to the Apple Talk blog. Contact Samuel Pratsch, at or 608-265-3637 to get a login and password for Apple Talk.
  • You can access the blog at
  • From the blog’s main page, click on the “conference calls” link
  • Click on the summary you want, then scroll down to download the audio recording.