IPM Elements and Guidelines: Short lists or “scorecards” of IPM and other Best Management Practices for your crop.

Crop Profiles: More detailed information about pests and practices for crops.

Pest Management Strategic Plans: Priority IPM and related issues for crops.

USDA IPM Centers: Four regional centers have grant programs and other opportunities to support your IPM program.

Directory of IPM Coordinators by State: Your state contact for referral to programs and expertise for your crop.

USDA Sustainable Agriculture Program: National and regional resources for improving economic and environmental impacts.

US EPA Strategic Ag Initiative: Grants and information for growers to help meet changes and challenges in pesticide product availability brought about by the Food Quality Protection Act.

US EPA Indoor Air Quality and IPM Meeting: View presentations and documents discussed at this 2007 meeting.

NRCS & IPM: Conservation programs administered by the NRCS that promote adoption of IPM.

For further assistance on working with federal agency and land grant IPM resources, contact:

Dr. Thomas Green
IPM Institute of North America
1020 Regent Ave.
Madison WI 53715
608 232-1410
Fax 608 232-1440