Find out about scab fungicide resistance in your orchard

This announcement comes to us from Plant Pathologist Patty McManus:
Janna Beckerman and her students at Purdue University are developing some molecular methods for monitoring scab fungicide resistance to a range of fungicides. All the bugs are not worked out, especially for the DMI’s, but they will do this test FREE of charge, except that they insist samples be sent by overnight express. Although the methods are quicker than having to culture the fungus, she says it still takes a lot of time, so she can’t promise super fast results. Also, they don’t really know how many samples they will get, and that of course will affect how fast they can do this. I am excited that she’s working on this, and I hope we can get some participation from WI growers.
I asked her for more details, and learned the following:
1. fuzzier the better for lesions–can get better quality DNA
2. 10 leaves per tree, a few trees per block; send as much as you want
3. Doesn’t matter what they’ve been sprayed with so far this year
4. wrap in newspaper (no plastic) and send overnight (don’t send on Friday); address to
Kacie Scholl and Janna L. Beckerman
Department of Botany and Plant Pathology
Purdue University
915 West State Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2054
Growers are welcome to call or email with any questions